This is all very personal for me.

I’m interested in the intersection of art, philosophy, and religion.

It’s not a hobby, and it’s not my vocation (yet).  These are things I think about ALL the time, and want to put them out there.

After a round about college experience, toying with all manner of disciplines from political science, to philosophy, to pre-med, I landed on a major in art history.  I loved it, but by graduation felt it was necessary to have a more hands on career than art history allowed.  So I went on to spend another four years working on my master of architecture degree at the Savannah College of Art and Design.  By the final thesis year, I had fully embraced the theoretical side of the field, abandoning any semblance of reality to work on a Utopian thesis, based totally in the realm of fiction where I was free to explore ideas for their own sake, without the confines of constructability, codes, and budgets.

By the end of the thesis year, I had developed close relationships with several mentors, who were taking bets on how long I would last as a practicing architect; consensus was less than a year, and they were right.  Before graduation, my professors were encouraging me to apply to PhD programs, but I ignored them, thinking it was important to practice and gain real life experiences.  I made it 10 months in a firm before I was compelled to leave.

I’m glad I have that year under my belt, but now I’m dying to be back in academics.  Museums are calling my name, and I need to be back in the world of art and thought.  After the 8 years I’ve already invested in college, I don’t have a choice but to keep going with education– I have already become a career academic.  I’m hoping to be accepted into a program for Fall 2013.

In the mean time, this blog is intended to start getting my ideas out there.  I believe in these things.  They are critical to culture, and define the human experience.  I am passionate about these topics, and I hope that comes across in these articles, and that someone out there finds it as enjoyable as I do.


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